Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chris Richman: Hooking an Agent

Upstart Crow gets about 400 submissions weekly. So in this competitive industry, how do you make your work stand out?

1. Submit the absolute best book that you can. Note: this is definitely not your first draft. Join a crit group. REVISE.

2. Network! Go to conferences *cough SCBWI Midsouth* Join message boards like Verla Kay. Twitter! (Follow us at #midsouth)

3. Research the agents you are going to be submitting to. Spend time and effort to make sure the agent you are sending your work represents your work! Try

4. PITCH—the dreaded query! What to include: information about the book and information about you. List your relevant writing experiences and a brief bit of personal information. *MOST IMPORTANT PART. Pitching continues in every stage of a book’s life. TWO TYPES OF PITCH: query versus elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is 25 words or less.

5. The waiting game, which includes all the lovely waiting involved in this industry. Be prepared to wait!

*note: Chris currently has seven clients and is looking for more.

More about Chris Richman from the website:

Chris Richman received his undergraduate degree in professional writing from Elizabethtown College, and an MA in Writing from Rowan University. A former playwright, contributor to The Onion, and sketch comedy writer, Chris broke into agenting in 2008 and has quickly made a name for himself by selling several noteworthy projects. Chris is actively building his list, enjoys working with debut writers, and is primarily interested in middle grade and young adult fiction, with a special interest in books for boys, books with unforgettable characters, and fantasy that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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